Dynamic, Relevant, Motivational, Inspirational Dynamic, Relevant, Motivational, Inspirational

About Dr. Shackleford . . .

Dr. Shackleford is a consultant and coach providing outstanding, relevant, dynamic leadership development training for business, education, church, community, and military organizations.
His skillset includes leadership coaching for executives, directors and other leaders while providing insightful, informative educational presentations for providers, families, educators and anyone else working with or affected by alcoholism, substance abuse, addiction, and recovery. Also included are family life presentations for churches and community groups on such important topics as the effects of divorce on children, dealing with conflict constructively, moving beyond talking to meaningful communication, along with inspirational presentations for military, veteran, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and 9-11 Anniversary events and more.
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Meet Dr. Shackleford Meet Dr. Shackleford

"Dr. Shackleford has a special ability to weave his vast leadership knowledge and experience into a captivating message. Participants in the SCC President’s Leadership Academy still talk about the powerful message Dr. Shackleford provided to the group."

Dr. John Enamait President, Stanly Community College

"Bob has a heart for leadership and a real love of people. With great wisdom and compassion, he uses real-world scenarios and life stories to challenge his listeners to think about things in new and interesting ways. He tailors his presentation to the needs of the group and is constantly in demand because of his willingness to understand his audience and put in the work needed to make an impact."

Julie Woodson, President/CEO North Carolina Association
of Community College Trustees

"Bob Shackleford is one of those rare individuals who has both successfully led a variety of organizations and successfully taught others to be more effective leaders."

George Fouts, Former Interim President NC Community College System
Multi-Session Leadership Academies

Multi-Session Leadership Academies:

Leadership Academies typically include some combination of training presentations, small group discussions and activities, book discussions, assessments, scenarios, and strategic planning for growth ... Learn More / Fees
Executive & Life Coaching

Executive & Life Coaching:

Executive & life coaching is a relationship you build on a one-time, short-term, or ongoing basis with a certified professional Executive Coach who meets with you to discuss any challenges, questions, problems, transitions ... Learn More / Fees
Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker:

Providing several decades of experience as a popular keynote speaker at local, regional, state, and national events of all types - i.e., leadership workshops, professional conferences, award ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, ... Learn More / Fees
Leadership Presentations

Leadership Presentations:

Dynamic, relevant, motivational, & inspirational - leadership presentations can be given on a variety of topics that are ideal for educational, business, industry, government, church, civic, non-profit, or military organizations ... Learn More / Fees